eoracle is a programmable data layer that extends Ethereum Proof of Stake to connect smart contracts with real-world data.

Smart contracts, while excellent in enabling on-chain programmability, have inherent limitations due to their inability to access real-world data. Blockchains lack awareness of external events and cannot access off-chain data.

Oracles are essential for the advancement of blockchain technology as they bridge the gap between on-chain and off-chain worlds, allowing the integration of off-chain data and computation with blockchains and smart contract applications. eoracle represents a fundamental evolution from traditional oracle solutions. Instead of aiming to establish another corporate empire that traps users in an isolated walled garden, it moves beyond centralized oracle nodes and fragmented security pools. eoracle introduces a transparent, on-chain architecture that leverages an established, globally diverse network of Ethereum validators and the largest pool of stake capital. This system acts as an interoperable layer, aligning with the security guarantees and programmability of native smart contracts. eoracle is a modular and programmable tool that equips blockchains, developers and users with the same level of freedom and versatility they enjoy with native smart contracts but with an added dimension; a direct and cryptoeconomically secure connection to the real world.

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