Prepare your system to run the eOracle operator.


  1. Registered EigenLayer Operator Account: Ensure you have a fully registered EigenLayer operator account. If you don't have one, follow the steps in the EigenLayer User Guide to create and fund your account.

Operator System Requirements

  • Operating System: Linux AMD x64

  • vCPUs: 2

  • Memory: 4 GiB

  • Storage: 100 GB

  • EC2 Equivalent: m5.large

  • Expected Network Utilization:

    • Total download bandwidth usage: 1 Mbps

    • Upload bandwidth usage: 1 Mbps

  • Open Ports:

    • 3000 Grafana dashboards

    • 9090 Prometheus

โ€‹Prepare Local eOracle data validator files

Clone this repo and execute the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/Eoracle/Eoracle-operator-setup.git

Navigate to the Eoracle-operator-setup directory

cd Eoracle-operator-setup

Copy Eoracle-operator-setup/data-validator/.example_env into Eoracle-operator-setup/data-validator/.env. Edit the Eoracle-operator-setup/data-validator/.env and update the values for your setup

cp data-validator/.example_env data-validator/.env

[!NOTE] If you plan to operate eOracle on Holesky, then copy .example_env_holeksy instead of .example_env

cp data-validator/.example_env_holeksy data-validator/.env

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