๐Ÿš€Permissionless Innovation

Data marketplaces in today's blockchain ecosystem have not yet reached free competition, with centralized actors limiting what data is available to consumers. The challenges of building oracle infrastructure have led to a situation where there are few 'data' suppliers that smart contracts can interact with, restricting innovation.

To address this, eOracle's mission is to create a marketplace where anyone can independently supply or consume data.

Permissionless Market

A permissionless market offers numerous benefits that foster innovation, efficiency, and accessibility. Enabling a diverse range of participants allows anyone to supply or consume data without restrictive barriers. This inclusivity leads to more data sources and solutions, promoting creativity and unique developments. Increased competition drives down costs, benefiting consumers with more affordable options. The open nature of a permissionless market encourages continuous improvement and competition as participants strive to offer superior quality and innovative data.

No Single Price Authority

Decentralized pricing promotes fair and accurate costs, driven by competitive pressure. This encourages innovation, as potential data suppliers are more likely to enter the market with favorable pricing structures. Consumers benefit from lower prices and increased choices.


Transparency ensures that all participants have access to accurate and timely information, which promotes fair competition and prevents price manipulation. As anyone can see how prices are set and transactions are conducted, trust is created between consumers and suppliers. Transparency encourages accountability, reducing the risk of fraud, cover-ups, and unethical practices.

The next wave of web3 innovation will be enabled by an open, neutral, and efficient data marketplace.

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